Maajanbu Aachen
Sou-no-Tori Open
Unfortunately, there will be no Aachen Mahjong tournament this year.

Information about a tournament next year will be published here, once we have more details.
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We are a small group of players in Aachen, Germany.
At the moment, we usually play once a week on Mondays, starting at 18:00.

Anybody is welcome to join us, simply write us an email at!
The following table summarises our house rules. Note that these are NOT the rules we use for tournaments but rather the ones we use for our own personal play. Tournaments will always use the current iteration of the EMA rules.

AtozukeariYou are allowed to win if your winning tile completes your only yaku
KuikaenashiYou are not allowd to switch tiles in complete shuntsu via chi
Ryanhan ShibariariStarting from the 5th repeat round, you need at least 2 han from yaku to win
RenchantenpaiDealer stays dealer if he was tenpai
Agari yameariThe dealer can decide to finish the hanchan on a renchan if he's last dealer and in first place
Furiten RiichiariYou are allowd to riichi when you're furiten
Temporary FuritenturnTemporary furiten persists until you've drawn and discarded - calls don't interrupt this
Call precedencepon/kan before chiIf called at the same time, pon/kan go before chi; if there is a long time period between calls, the first caller gets the tile.
Toochu ryukyoku
Kyuushu kyuuhaiariYou can repeat the hand if you have nine different yaochuuhai in your starting hand, after your first draw (calls interrupt this)
Suucha riichinashiThe hand does not get drawn if there are four riichis on the table and nobody won off the final riichi discard
SuukaikannashiThe hand does not get drawn if there are four kans and nobody wins of the discard after the kan, unless the kans are from the same person
Suufon rendanashiThe hand does not get drawn if the same four winds get discarded during the first turn
SanchahounashiIn case of three rons on the same tile, the loser has to pay all three winners
AkadoranashiNo red fives
UradoranashiNo extra dora after winning with riichi
KandoranashiNo extra dora after kan
KanuradoranashiNo extra dora below kandora
KuitanariOpen tanyao is allowed
IppatsunashiNo extra yaku for winning the turn after you declared riichi
Daburu RiichiariExtra one han yaku for declaring riichi during the first turn (interrupted by calls)
Open Riichiari, wait only, no yakumanWhen declaring riichi, you can show your wait to everyone for one extra han; no yakuman when dealt into
Nagashi ManganariIf the round is drawn, you only discarded yaochuuhai and nobody called from you, then you win with a Mangan hand
Haitei rinshannashiIf you kan the penultimate tile and then tsumo off the kan draw, it's only rinshan kaihou, not haitei
DaisharinnashiNo special yakuman for 22334455667788 in one suit
PaarenchannashiNo special yakuman for winning eight times in a row
Hatsu in RyuuiisouoptionalYou can have hatsu in your ryuuiisou, but you don't have to
RenhoumanganRenhou (ron during first turn) is at least mangan, not yakuman
Kokushi ankan ronariYou can ron a closed kan iff you are tenpai for kokushi musou
Kazoe yakumanariIf you have 13 or more han, your hand is considered yakuman
Double yakumannashiThere are no double yakuman
Combined yakumannashiYakuman do not stack - if you have two yakuman in your hand, it's still only counted as one
Daisangen/Daisuushi paoariIf you deal into a pon of the last dragon or wind and the others are already visible, you are liable for at least half the payment
Suukantsu paonashiNo such rule for suukantsu
Daiminkan paonashiNo pao for rinshan kaihou
Honba on pao ronpao paysThe person who is responsible for the pao payment pays any points due to honba
Kiriage Manganari4han30 and 3han60 are mangan
Chombo payment20k after scoringIf there's a chombo, 20k points are payed after completing the tables scoring (including uma/oka)
Start score25000Everybody starts with 25k points
Goal score30000The point baseline is 30k (see below)
TobinegativeThe game is aborted if somebody falls below zero points
ShaabaariIf nobody has at least 30k points at the end of the south round, the hanchan continues in the west round until somebody reaches 30k points
Shared placingsariIt's possible for two people to have the same place
Leftover riibolostAny leftover riichi sticks are lost if the hanchan ends on a draw
Score roundingTenhouScores are rounded to the nearest thousand and then the difference from 30k is calculated; the first place gets the positive sum of the points of the other places
Oka5000There is a 5000 oka, meaning the winner gets 15k points extra
Uma30000/10000First place gets 30k, second 10k, third -10k, fourth -30k

Chombos are awarded for noten riichi or declaring a wrong win and opening the hand.
Dead hand is awarded if at any time a player has too few or too many tiles in his or her hand. Players with a dead hand may not pon/kan/chi and are never tenpai.

For 3 players, the same rules as for 4 players apply, with the following changes:
Start score is 30000 and goal score is 35000.
The uma is 20000/0/-20000.
All man tiles except for one and nine are sorted out.
There is no kita nuki.
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